Annual Returns and Filing for Pvt Ltd Co

Filing Of Annual Return for Companies:
  • Annual filing of Returns and Balance sheet of companies is a part of Annual e-filling done with Registrar of Companies i.e, RoC.
  • An Annual filing consists of filling of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Compliance Certificate. This Compliance Certificate would be applicable for those companies whose Paid-up Capital is more or equal to Rs. 10,00,000/- during the financial year.
  • The Balance Sheet should be accompanied by Auditor’s Report, Cash flow Statement and Schedules to the Balance Sheet. This Balance Sheet and P& L account has to be signed by a Practicing Chartered Accountant along with his seal and Membership Number.
An Annual Return should consists of the following:
  • Authorised Capital.
  • Paid-up Capital.
  • Debentures issued if any.
  • Register of Members.
  • Register of Directors.
  • Details of Transfer of Shares.
  • The Annual Return has to be signed duly by the Directors of the Company and if the company is a listed Public Limited Company, then it should also be signed by the Company Secretary of the Company along with the Directors.
How to file Annual Returns and Balance Sheet:
  • Very simple, you can create your own account with Ministry of Corporate Accounts by registering yourself as registered user. After creating a login, you can upload the necessary forms. Click here to register yourself with MCA.
  • You have to fill the necessary forms provided by the MCA, sign those forms with the Digital signature of the Directors. Forms involved in the process are e-Form AOC-4, MGT-7, Click here to download the forms.
  • To file the Annual Filing and Return forms with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, you need to pay the necessary fess to the Registrar of Companies(RoC). You can also calculate the fee for the respective forms through MCA portal, click here to calculate the fee by yourself.
  • In order to file the Balance sheet and Annual returns the company to conduct Annual General Meeting and within 60 days from the date of AGM, the company has to file the necessary forms along with the Notice for AGM, Director’s Report.