Change in Name and Main object of the Company

Change in Name of a Company
  • The name of a company is the identity of a company or your business, which can be changed with the approval of members and Directors of the Company.
  • Under the new companies act, 2013 a name of company can be changed with the approval of Shareholders in their meeting and filing necessary forms with Registrar of Companies.
  • As per the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 application can be made to the Registrar with the prescribe fee of Rs. 1,000 through Form INC-1.
  • After getting name approval from RoC, the Board shall conduct a General Meeting to get the approval of shareholders for changing the name clause of the company.
  • While passing the necessary resolution, Form MGT-14 and Form INC-24 has to be filed with necessary fee to Registrar of Companies.
Change in Main Objects of your Company:
  • The change in the main objects requires alteration in the Memorandum of Association of the Company.
  • The main object clause contains the important part of Memorandum, as it depicts the business nature of a company. So change in main objects means change in the business nature of the company.
  • The Board of Directors in their meeting has to approve the alteration of Main object clause of Memorandum. Fix date, time and venue for convening General Meeting for the approval of Shareholders of the Company.
  • File Form MGT-14 after approval received from the Shareholders. The time frame should be 30 days within which all the necessary forms has to be filed with Registrar of Companies.