Compliance Package for Private Limited Companies

Every Private Limited Company, after its incorporation has to follow basic mandatory compliance as per the Companies Act, 2013. In order to stay compliant and to be free from all the headaches of compliance follow up, we Corporate Consultant provides you a Business packages at affordable price to take care of your Private Limited Company. A team of expert Company Secretaries will maintain your company hassle-free.

Mandatory Compliance for Private Limited Company

Drafting of Minutes of the Meeting

Minimum of four (4) Board meetings has to be conducted by a Private Limited Company in a calendar year. The Minutes should be properly recorded and maintained in Minutes Book and Chairperson of the Meeting has to sign the Minute Sheets regularly.

Maintaining Statutory Registers

Statutory Registers such as Register of Directors, Register of Members, Register of Shares etc has to be recorded and maintained duly. We will take care of preparing and maintaining the registers and records of the company.

Issue of Share Certificates

After incorporation, share certificates have to be issued to the Shareholders of the Company. These Share Certificates will be issued once they deposit the share subscription money into the company bank account and it has to be done within 60 days from the date of incorporation time.

Appointment of Statutory Auditor

Post –Incorporation within 30 days, the company has to appoint a Statutory Auditor in their first Board Meeting. Once the auditor is appointed, immediately it has to be intimated to the RoC by filing an e-form ADT-1. This is very important and should be followed by all Private Limited Company.